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IBT Institute: Best PTE Coaching Classes in Pathankot

What is PTE?

PTE means Pearson Test of English Academic. It is an online exam to examine the academic English language ability of non-native English speakers who wish to study abroad. It comprises four tests Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. In this test questions are framed to test two skills in one such as listening and reading or reading and speaking. The entire test is conducted in one session for three hours. It is an online exam that is conducted under a secure test environment.

PTE (PEARSON TEST OF ENGLISH) which is conducted by PEARSON to assess the skills like Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening of a person to declare the person efficient to survive abroad. PTE Academic assesses real-life, academic English, so one will listen to excerpts from lectures and view graphs and charts, and will listen to a range of accents in the test, from British and American to non-native speakers, so people will be exposed to the type of accents they will encounter in everyday life. This is a computerized test having no involvement of humans to assess the test score. This test is taken by the people willing to move abroad to study and migration. Based on this, it is categorized into two categories PTE ACADEMICS AND PTE GENERAL.

PTE prescribes the exam pattern and structure every year for the aspirants who are willing to study abroad but belong to none – English native. PTE Academic 2020 has announced a test pattern where writing and speaking modules are integrated into one test such as Reading and listening modules which are designed separately. The aspirants qualify the exam based on the aggregate score they obtain from the PTE Academic test.

IBT  is providing the best platform for such aspirants to be proficient in all these modules without wasting their money and time. Though many institutions are providing PTE Coaching Classes in Pathankot, but the coaching at IBT is best and worthy we would say up to the mark, resulting in the achievement of the targeted band score. People kept various factors in their minds before getting enrolled in any such institution like, study environment, up to date study material, the latest technological equipment, better internet facility, and above all the best faculty, which is only possible to get at IBT INSTITUTE. It aims at making an ambiance where a knowledge seeker not only gets what he wants but also gets it in a way knowledge should reach its prospective seeker. It aspires to impart erudition in the way that its prime is strengthened.

IBT's Teaching methodology

  1. Personal interaction with students for overall development.
  2. Daily class activities for students grooming
  3. Student satisfaction and Result improvement.
  4. Making learning interactive for a better understanding of concepts and questions using the smart class.
  5. Effective and up-to-date study material to uplift the level of learners to achieve their target.
  6. Highly qualified faculty to provide the best strategies and techniques to crack the PTE Test with high scores.

Why PTE is Gaining Popularity?

Computer-based test: It is a completely computerized test that reduces any sort of partiality arising due to the prejudice of the examiner or assessor.
The flexibility of test dates: This is a flexible test where we can book the test dates of our choice and availability. One can book one’s test just 48 hours before the desired test date and choose the nearest authorized center for the test. This test is available on all the days of a year.
Quicker results: Results of PTE are declared within five working days and suits to those candidates seeking a quick response.
Enables and Assesses communication skills: This test not only assesses communicative skills (like reading. Writing, listening, and speaking) but also evaluate the ability to speak correctly and fluency as it focuses on grammar, vocabulary, fluency, and pronunciation.
Focuses on short texts: The syllabus of PTE focuses on the significance of assessing the skills. It is in the form of short to medium texts. It makes the candidate free from learning long texts to crack the test.

Why IBT for PTE Institute in Pathankot?

English is an international Language therefore the importance of English has extremely grown. We at IBT assist you to learn the basics and improve the usage of language by correcting grammar and spellings. We also give a special focus on reading and pronunciation of the English Language. It will help you to groom your overall personality and give you confidence. That's why IBT is the Best Coaching Institute in Pathankot.


Small Batch size

Online & offline practice

Smart Class Rooms

Level based learning

Frequent doubt sessions 

Scheduled Course material

Personal attention

Certified & experienced faculty

PTE - Parts: PTE test is divided into three parts.

  • Speaking  & Writing

  • Reading

  • Listening

PTE Test Format

SPEAKING (35) & 
WRITING(4): (77 – 93) Minutes
READING(15): (32 – 41 minutes)
LISTENING(19): (45 – 57 minutes)
  •  Personal Introduction 
  •  Read aloud(6)
  •  Repeat sentence(10)
  •  Describe image(6)
  •  Re-tell lecture(3)
  •  Answer short question(10)
  •  Summarize written
  • text(3) Essay(1)
  • Fill in the blanks(5)
  • Multiple choice     questions(SA-2)
  • Re-order paragraphs(2)
  • Fill in the blanks(4)
  • Multiple choice questions (MA-2)

    A ten-minute break is optional
  • Summarize spoken text(2)
  • Multiple choice questions(3)
  • Fill the blanks(2)
  • Highlight the correct  summary(2)
  • Multiple choice questions(3)
  • Select missing word(2)
  • Highlight incorrect words(2)
  • Write from dictation(3)

Tips and tricks to Score 65+ Score in PTE

Exam Pattern - PTE Academic

Speaking & Writing

In this test of PTE Academic, both writing and speaking skills of the candidate are examined where he or she is asked to repeat sentences, answer the questions, and summarize the given passages.

Speaking: Section 1 of speaking comprises of a personal introduction where aspirants has to introduce themselves within 30 seconds. It does not hold any score but a chance to introduce them.

Further candidates are asked to record their speech in the recording box attached to the computer system. They are asked to speak straight away. Likewise, there are many other objects such as repeating a sentence or describing an image seen on the screen.

Writing:  It is comprised of two sections, one is of summarizing written text and another one is essay based. One has to focus on the vocabulary content and grammar to score high in this section.

Speaking & Writing sections (77 – 93 minutes)

Item Task Skills length Time
Personal Intro. The introduction is an opportunity for the students to give their selected institutions some information about themselves Speaking 25 prepare to respond 30 sec. to record
Read Aloud A text appears on the screen. Read the text aloud. Reading & Speaking Text up to 60 words 40 prepare 40 sec to read aloud
Repeat sentence After listening to a recording of a sentence, repeat the sentence Listening & Speaking 3-9 sec. 15 sec
Describe Image An image appears on the screen. Describe the image in detail. Speaking N/A 40 sec
Re-tell Lecture After listening to or watching a lecture, re-tell the lecture in your own words. Listening & Speaking up to 90 sec 40 sec
Answer short question After listening to a question, answer with a single word or a few words. Listening & Speaking 3-9 sec 10 sec
Summarize written text After reading a text, write a one-sentence summary of the passage. Reading & Writing text up to 300 words 10 min
Write essay Write a 200– 300-word essay on a given topic. Writing 2-3 sentences 20 min

Tips to improve PTE Speaking Score

In IBT Smart Classrooms various activities will be provided to the students to overcome their hesitations, to increase their confidence level, and to improve vocabulary along with complex sentence structure.


Vocabulary Building

Hesitation Removal

Fluent Conversation

Pronunciation Improvement

One to one Discussions

Newspaper Reading to improve fluency


In PTE reading small paragraphs along with the questions is given to the candidates which would help to locate correct answers in a very short period. one does not need to move back to the previous page to locate the answers.

Reading Section (32 – 41 minutes)

Item Task Skills
Multiple-Choice, Choose Single Answer After reading a text, answer a multiple-choice question on the content or tone of the text by selecting one response Reading
Multiple-Choice, Choose Multiple Answers After reading a text, answer a multiple-choice question on the content or tone of the text by selecting more than one response Reading
Re-order Paragraphs Several text boxes appear on the screen in a random order. Put the text boxes in the correct order Reading
Reading: Fill in the blanks A text appears on screen with several gaps. Drag words from the box below to fill the gaps Reading
Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks A text appears on screen with several gaps. For this item type, candidates need to select the most appropriate words from a drop-down list to restore the text. Reading & Writing

Tips to improve PTE Reading Score


This section contains questions based on audio scripts and makes the candidates quiet comfortable to locate correct answers in a short period.

Listening Section (45 – 57 Minutes)

Item Task Skills length
Summarize spoken text After listening to a recording, write a 50-70 word summary Listening & Writing 10 min
Multiple Choice, choose multiple answers After listening to a recording, answer a multiple-choice question on the content or tone of the recording by selecting more than one response Listening 40-90 Sec,
Fill in the blanks A transcript of a recording appears on screen with several gaps. After listening to the recording, type the missing word in each gap Listening & Writing 30-60 Sec,
Highlight correct summary After listening to a recording, select the paragraph that best summarizes the recording Listening & Reading 30-90 Sec,
Multiple Choice, choose single answer After listening to a recording, answer a multiple-choice question on the content or tone of the recording by selecting one response Listening 30-60 Sec,
Select missing word After listening to a recording, select the missing word that completes the recording from a list of options Listening 20-70 Sec,
Highlight incorrect words The transcript of a recording appears o the screen. While listening to the recording, identify the words in the transcript that differ from what is said Listening & Reading 15-50 Sec,
Write from dictation After listening to a recording of a sentence, type the sentence Listening and Writing 5-7 Sec,

Tips to improve PTE Listening Score


Age eligibility for PTE
You must be at least 16 years old. If you are 16 or 17 years old, you must provide a signed parental consent form before taking the test. Above 18, you don't need this.

PTE Test Fee

The PTE exam fee is currently Rs. 13,300. In case you are looking for your exam late, the price of the late booking is Rs. 16,625.

PTE- Payment Method
There is no compulsion as such to pay through your credit card. You can use a card that is registered in a different name.

Can I register directly with the test center?
PTE has many centers across India, But you have to register for the test online or by phone through PTE Center. Contact the customer service team in your region.

Can I take notes during the test?

Yes. PTE will give you an erasable noteboard booklet (about 5 sheets of A4 paper). If you run out of space, you can ask for another booklet. You are not allowed to make notes until the test has started

Can I correct my answers during the test?
You can correct multiple-choice responses (click again to deselect your answer) and typed responses (use the cut, copy and paste options) However, you must correct mistakes before moving on to the next item. You cannot re-record any spoken responses. The microphone will switch off automatically if you are silent for more than 3 seconds during an answer.

Do I need computer skills to take the test?
You do not need any special computer skills. We recommend taking one of our practice tests to get used to moving through tasks. PTE Academic is taken using a QWERTY keyboard, where the letters on the top line spell out 'QWERTY'. IF you are not used to this type of keyboard, it may help to practice with one before you take the test It's very important to practice a few typing tests before appearing for the final test.

Is there any penalty for not having an accent from a native English speaking country?
There is no penalty for not having an accent. PTE Academic has been designed to recognize speech from non-native speakers of English representing over 100 different native languages.

How many times can I take the PTE?
There is no such limit to appear for PTE Test. One can appear as many times as you want.

How do I view my scores online?
You can see your scores once you have signed in to your Pearson Vue account at Click 'View Score Report' to see your scores for each test.

Why one need to opt IBT institute over other PTE institutes?
Smart Classes, Best Teaching Methodology, Trained and Certified teaching Staff, and Most importantly over 80% Result make IBT the No.1 PTE institute in Pathankot.

How can we improve the PTE Overall score?

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IBT Pathankot

First Floor, Behind Hotel Venice,
Beside SBI Main Branch
Dhangu Road
Pathankot , 145001

Call - 7520512345