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Tips and tricks to Score 65+ in PTE

  1. Read the instructions carefully before attempting any question in all modules.
  2. Time management is the key factor in PTE EXAM. One needs to manage the time since beginning till completion of the test. Time and accuracy are two elements which need to be enhanced.
  3. As speaking is considered as the back bone of PTE, having good pronunciation and fluency will help you to achieve targeted score in speaking module, which further contributes in other two modules , listening and reading.
  4. Fluency is your priority in speaking module. Avoid taking long pauses while responding to the question. Also, do not re-correct if you have said anything wrong.
  5. Open your mouth properly while speaking. The computer only understands the sounds of the English language and not your voice. Whispering your response while the computer records will result in losing scores.
  6. One must have good command on grammar and collocations, which is essential in reading module.
  7. Do more practice on the dictation part to overcome the spelling mistakes in writing and listening module.
  8. Try to learn vocabulary on the daily basis to improve your reading skills.
  9. Always do proof reading after finishing your writing content in Writing and Listening both to avoid un necessary grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  10. For writing summary, practice using complex and compound sentences. Your response must be expressed within one sentence, so you have to use a complex or compound sentence to summarize the main point of the passage.
  11. Familiarize yourself with the native English accent for the listening module. You can answer a question only when you understand what is mentioned in the audio.
  12. Excessive use of templates should be avoided, as it may affect your overall score
  13. Learn effective strategies and methods to attempt each task
  14. Practice note-taking. All the recordings in the listening module will be played once only. You cannot memorize the entire audio. So notes will help you to answer the questions.
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