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IBT is notable for providing PTE coaching in Jalandhar. From weekly class tests to daily class assignments, the students will surely get facilities if they rely on the IBT's best PTE coaching. We have an adroit teaching staff that will help the students achieve outstanding scores in their upcoming PTE exams. We also give a special focus on reading and pronunciation of the English Language. It will help you to groom your overall personality and give you confidence.

Join PTE Classes

Join PTE coaching in Jalandhar right now to crack the exam in first try. IBT Institute has earned a name in Jalandhar with a success rate rising every year with as much as 80 percent of their registered candidates. Consider enrolling in the quality PTE Institute in Jalandhar provided by IBT institute for achieving miraculous results. 

Levels of PTE Coaching

PTE Beginners Class

PTE Learners Class

PTE Movers Class

One on one module discussion

Regular mock test

Special classes as per exam environment 

Interactive session

Personal feedback on areas of improvements

Discussions related exam point of view questions

Day to day feedback

Special classes for weaker areas

Special classes related to exam questions 

Regular practice on systems

Frequent sectional test 

PTE reality test 

Implications of tips and strategies

Grammar sessions

Last moment exam strategy

Upcoming Batches of PTE Coaching in Jalandhar

Click on the below mentioned for detailed information about the upcoming PTE batches:

PTE Fee Structure 

Check out our below-given fee structure and enroll in the coming batch now:



1 Month

10,000 INR

2 Months

18,000 INR

3 Months

25,000 INR

IBT Infrastructure

IBT is No. 1 PTE Institute in Jalandhar not only in terms of study but in terms of infrastructure as well.

Front View at best PTE Institute of Jalandhar

Best PTE coaching institute in Jalandhar

PTE Coaching classes in Jalandhar

Front Desk View

PTE & Listening Lab

Smart Classrooms

Facilities at IBT Jalandhar

Experienced Trainers

Online Test Lab

Online Test Series

Experienced Trainers

Online Computer Lab

Online Test Series

IBT Jalandhar has a team of Experienced PTE Coaching Faculty members who have years of teaching experience.

Our computer lab provides the exact simulation of a Real PTE Exam. Students can practice for unlimited hours.

IBT provides Online Test Series to students that contains Mock Tests for Better PTE Coaching in Jalandhar.

Qualified Faculty Members

Hi-Tech Computers Labs

Test Series for Practice

PTE Trainer’s Profile

IBT English has a versatile team of teaching professionals. These teaching forces have versatile knowledge of educating students to achieve credible points in the PTE exam. The teaching force of IBT English makes sure that students have balanced skills in every part of the exam. They provide quality tips and tricks so that students will surely be able to clear the exam without any hassle. If you made up your mind to achieve quality marks in the upcoming PTE exam then  hold the hand of the IBT English. Here we assure you that your future is in safe hands.




PTE Manager PTE Trainer PTE Trainer
5 Years of Experience 2 Years of Experience 2 Years of Experience

IBT Special Features

The salient features that makes IBT a unique coaching hub for the aspirants are:

Books for PTE Coaching in Jalandhar

Smart Class Room

Full Day Classes

Free Study Material Smart Class Room Full Day Classes

IBT provides free study material to all the students. Books Kit contains 5 Books which is updated on a regular basis.

All our classrooms are equipped with projectors which makes the learning very interactive.

IBT provides full day 8 hours PTE Coaching in Jalandhar to our students. In our classes, we cover all four modules a day for best results.

IBT Class Activities

The class activities of PTE coaching in Jalandhar is managed as given in the table below:

Vocabulary Building

Hesitation Removal

Fluent Conversation

Pronunciation Improvement

Group Discussions

Newspaper Reading

Motivational Video Lectures

Audio/Video Clips with Tapescripts

IBT Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology is very well planned to impart proficient training and guidance with the essential attributes these are:

Small Batch Size

Multiple Cabin Speaking

Smart Class Rooms

Level Based Learning

Frequent Doubt Sessions 

Scheduled Course Material

Personal Attention

Certified & Experienced Faculty

Why Choose IBT English? 

ISO Certified Institute

IBT English is an ISO-certified PTE coaching in Jalandhar working with a motive to match the trends present in the English education industry.

Captivating Infrastructure

IBT’s Infrastructure is playing a dominant role in magnetizing a wide variety of students from different cultures, places, etc.

Result Oriented approach

IBT English is devotedly following a result-oriented approach for transforming the overall English fluency of the students.

Computer Lab Facility

IBT English takes full consideration to provide the best to students by offering well-mechanized computer labs for attaining full command of the English language.

Weekly Time Table

IBT English has a proper weekly timetable based on each module to strengthen the English proficiency of the students.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

IBT English conducts specific doubt clearing sessions based on specific modules so that students can understand topics without any huddles.

Revision Classes

IBT English organizes revision classes of PTE Coaching in Jalandhar at the end of the class. So that potential students can crisply retain delivered lectures.

Daily Assignment

Faculties present in IBT English provide daily assignments after class so that students can form a strong grip on lectures.

A handful of Experience

IBT English is a leading coaching center for delivering high-yealing PTE training with amazing success results.

Small Batch Size

IBT English conducts classes with small batch sizes having 15-20 students. With a small batch, the faculty have the benefits of focusing on each student and can even mark their performance. 

Regular Grammar Check

IBT English understands that grammar is the backbone of the English language. So, we believe in strengthening grammar in such a way that it can become a plus point for students in the future.

Weekly Counselling

IBT conducts proper counselling sessions to boost the morale of the students and fill them with never-ending motivation and solve all their queries related to the learning system.

Provide PTE Tips and Tricks

IBT English shares hacks and smart techniques with students to enhance their learning experience productively. 

Monthly Tests

IBT English conducts PTE monthly tests for each and every module so that students become familiar with the exam pattern. This is done because at the time of the exam they can strongly express their answers. 

Awards and Recognitions 

Below mentioned are some of the best awards backed up by the best PTE coaching in Jalandhar - IBT English for their magnificent performance in the entire education industry.

Still Not Convinced? Read What Our Customers are Saying About Us.

Ritik Sharma

Ritik Sharma

For all those who are desperately looking for a platform that can help them achieve great marks in the PTE exam. IBT can work wonders for your case. Get all the desired consultation from this prominent institute. I am also privileged to gain education from them.


Shreya Verma 

Shreya Verma

I must recommend this best PTE institute in Jalandhar to all of you who truly aim to achieve quality bands for studying on an international level. They assisted me to score worth achieving points in the PTE exam. My points in the PTE exam make me feel proud and I feel good to be a part of the IBT institute. 


Sneha Kapadia

Sneha Kapadia

Why shift to another city for PTE coaching when you can get assistance here in Jalandhar. I just took classes for one month and I managed to score great points in the PTE exam. IBT not only helped me to score well but also developed my entire personality.



Thank You so much IBT Institute for helping me achieve magnificent points in the PTE exam. You all should visit there and see how they can help you achieve greatness in your career. The mentors helped me understand every topic in such a way that I managed to solve every answer related to that topic with ease. 

Aniket Mishra

Aniket Mishra

One of the best things I truly liked about IBT is that their teaching staff is very polite and understandable. According to me, this is the best PTE institute in Jalandhar. You all should consult them for the right guidance. 

PTE Coaching in Jalandhar

All the individuals who seek to study on an international level go for PTE to check their English proficiency.  Without a doubt, the craze of appearing for the PTE is rising on a greater level. If you are also aspiring to achieve great results in the PTE exam then look no further than IBT English. Here you will get quality study material with advanced teaching methodologies. The teaching force of IBT English will provide magnificent coaching that will surely help the student achieve top scores in the PTE exam. We focus on result-oriented classes so that students will be able to achieve their desired results in a limited duration of time. So if you also aim to amp up your PTE preparation journey then help the hand of IBT English.

Our Top Score Achievers

Aiming To Enroll in the PTE Online Classes? 

Do you prefer to study by sitting at home rather than visiting the institute? If yes, then IBT English has the perfect solution for you. With reference to the technological advancements, IBT has also transformed their way of delivering the PTE coaching in Jalandhar. Now you can easily avail coaching enrolling in the online classes of the IBT institute. These facilities help IBT English stand out from the crowd and become the best PTE coaching institute in Jalandhar. There are wide range of benefits of attaining the IBT’s PTE online classes such as  

  • Convenient class timings
  • Interactive online classes
  • Guidance from Expert Tutors
  • Resourceful Materials
  • Real-time Exam Questions

What is PTE?

PTE means Pearson Test of English Academic. It is an online exam to examine the academic English language ability of non-native English speakers who wish to study abroad. It comprises four tests: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. In this test questions are framed to test two skills in one such as listening and reading or reading and speaking. The entire test is conducted in one session for three hours.

 It is an online exam that is conducted under a secure test environment. PTE (Pearson Test of English) which is conducted by Pearson to assess the skills like Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening of a person to declare the person efficient to survive abroad. If you are facing issues in cracking the exam, you can try IBT for PTE Coaching in Jalandhar. IBT English is one of the best platforms that not only provides quality coaching but also helps the student in enhancing their overall personality. 

Why Choose the PTE Exam? 

Every time someone asks you about further education do you often reply to them that you want to study on an international level? If yes, then it does happen with most of the individuals. Nowadays every other student desires to study on an international level. You can reach to your desired goals if you have surpass the English proficiency test. One such English proficiency test is PTE. This is the second most appeared English proficiency test. If you really aim to land up in a foreign nation then  you should know why this type of English proficiency test is best. 

  • The students basically pick this test as it is a fully computer based test. 

  • Most of the countries such as USA, Canada, Germany and New Zealand accepts PTE exams.

There are most of the colleges and universities that recognize the PTE exam. These institutions are Boston College, Pearson College London, Harvard University,Yale University, Oxford University and many more.

Why PTE is Gaining Popularity?

Here is the list of reasons for PTE growing popularity:

Computer-Based Test

It is a completely computerized test that reduces any sort of partiality arising due to the prejudice of the examiner or assessor.

Flexibility of Test Dates

This is a flexible test where we can book the test dates of our choice and availability. One can book one’s test just 48 hours before the desired test date and choose the nearest authorized center for the test. This test is available on all the days of a year.

Quicker Results

Results of PTE are declared within five working days and suit those candidates seeking a quick response. Connect with the right platform providing PTE coaching in Jalandhar for achieving quality points.

Enables and Assesses Communication Skills

This test not only assesses communicative skills (like reading. Writing, listening and speaking) but also evaluate the ability to speak correctly and fluency as it focuses on grammar, vocabulary, fluency, and pronunciation.

Focuses on Short Texts

The syllabus of PTE focuses on the significance of assessing the skills. It is in the form of short to medium texts. It makes the candidate free from learning long texts to crack the test. The best PTE Coaching in Jalandhar will help you clear the exam in a limited duration of time. 

Two fragments of the PTE Exam

PTE Academic

PTE Academic assesses real-life, academic English, so one will listen to excerpts from lectures and view graphs and charts, and will listen to a range of accents in the test, from British and American to non-native speakers, so people will be exposed to the type of accents they will encounter in everyday life. 

PTE General

This specific part of the exam is just conducted to reward the students with great achievements and rate their English proficiency. Here the student can know what type of efficiency they hold in each skill. 

Four Parts of the PTE Exam

Listening This section contains questions based on audio scripts and makes the candidates quite comfortable to locate correct answers in a short period of time. 
Writing It consists of two sections, one is summarizing written text and another one is essay based. One has to focus on the vocabulary content and grammar to score high in this section.
Reading In PTE reading small paragraphs along with the questions is given to the candidates which would help to locate correct answers in a very short period of time. one does not need to move back to the previous page to locate the answers.
Speaking Section 1 of speaking comprises a personal introduction where aspirants have to introduce themselves within 30 seconds. It does not hold any score but a chance to introduce them.They are asked to speak straight away. Likewise, there are many other objects such as repeating a sentence or describing an image seen on the screen.

PTE Test Format

The pattern of the PTE exam is composed of 3 modules that are speaking and writing, Reading and Listening. To get more information about this link up with the right PTE Coaching in Jalandhar. 

 (27 – 35 minutes)

(29 – 30 minutes)

(29 – 30 minutes)

(30 – 40 minutes)

  •  Personal Introduction(1) 

  •  Read aloud(6-7)

  •  Repeat sentence(10-12)

  •  Describe image(3-4)

  •  Re-tell lecture(1-2)

  •  Answer short question(5-6)

  • Fill in the blanks(5-6)

  • Multiple choice     questions(1-2)

  • Re-order paragraphs(2-3)

  • Fill in the blanks(4-5)

  • Multiple choice questions (1-2)

    A ten-minute break is optional

  • Summarize spoken text(1-2)

  • Multiple choice questions(1-2)

  • Fill the blanks(2-3)

  • Highlight the correct  summary(1-2)

  • Multiple choice questions(1-2)

  • Select missing word(1-2)

  • Highlight incorrect words(2-3)

  • Write from dictation(3-4)

  • Summarize written(1-2)

  • Write Essay(1-2)

Exam Pattern

The individual explanation of every section of PTE Academic test pattern is given below:

Speaking & Writing

In this test of PTE Academic, both writing and speaking skills of the candidate are examined where he or she is asked to repeat sentences, answer the questions and summarize the given passages.


Section 1 of speaking comprises of a personal introduction where aspirants has to introduce themselves within 30 seconds. It does not hold any score but a chance to introduce them.

Further candidates are asked to record their speech in the recording box attached to the computer system. They are asked to speak straight away. Likewise, there are many other objects such as repeating a sentence or describing an image seen on the screen.


It is comprised of two sections, one is of summarizing written text and another one is essay based. One has to focus on the vocabulary content and grammar to score high in this section.

The details of  Speaking & Writing sections (77 – 93 minutes) are given below:






Personal Intro.

The introduction is an opportunity for the students to give their selected institutions some information about themselves


25 prepare to respond

30 sec. to record

Read Aloud

A text appears on the screen. Read the text aloud.

Reading & Speaking

Text up to 60 words 40 prepare

40 sec to read aloud

Repeat sentence

After listening to a recording of a sentence, repeat the sentence

Listening & Speaking

3-9 sec.

15 sec

Describe Image

An image appears on the screen. Describe the image in detail.



40 sec

Re-tell Lecture

After listening to or watching a lecture, re-tell the lecture in your own words.

Listening & Speaking

up to 90 sec

40 sec

Answer short question

After listening to a question, answer with a single word or a few words.

Listening & Speaking

3-9 sec

10 sec

Summarize written text

After reading a text, write a one-sentence summary of the passage.

Reading & Writing

Text up to 300 words

10 min

Write essay

Write 200– 300-word essay on a given topic.


2-3 sentences

20 min

In IBT Smart Classrooms various activities will be provided to the students to overcome their hesitations, to increase their confidence level and to improve vocabulary along with complex sentence structure. Claim your free demo of PTE Institute in Jalandhar. 


In PTE reading small paragraphs along with the questions is given to the candidates which would help to locate correct answers in a very short period of time. one does not need to move back to the previous page to locate the answers.

The details of  Reading Section (32 – 41 minutes) are given below:




Multiple-Choice, choose Single Answer

After reading a text, answer a multiple-choice question on the content or tone of the text by selecting one response


Multiple-Choice, choose Multiple Answers

After reading a text, answer a multiple-choice question on the content or tone of the text by selecting more than one response


Re-order Paragraphs

Several text boxes appear on the screen in a random order. Put the text boxes in the correct order


Reading: Fill in the blanks

A text appears on screen with several gaps. Drag words from the box below to fill the gaps


Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks

A text appears on screen with several gaps. For this item type, candidates need to select the most appropriate words from a drop-down list to restore the text.

Reading & Writing


This section contains questions based on audio scripts and makes the candidates quiet comfortable to locate correct answers in short period of time. Clear the listening section by joining the best PTE Institute in Jalandhar.

The details of  Listening Section (45 – 57 minutes) are given below:





Summarize spoken text

After listening to a recording, write a 50-70 word summary

Listening & Writing

10 min

Multiple Choice, choose multiple answers

After listening to a recording, answer a multiple-choice question on the content or tone of the recording by selecting more than one response


40-90 Sec

Fill in the blanks

A transcript of a recording appears on screen with several gaps. After listening to the recording, type the missing word in each gap

Listening & Writing

30-60 Sec

Highlight correct summary

After listening to a recording, select the paragraph that best summarizes the recording

Listening & Reading

30-90 Sec

Multiple Choice, choose single answer

After listening to a recording, answer a multiple-choice question on the content or tone of the recording by selecting one response


30-60 Sec

Select missing word

After listening to a recording, select the missing word that completes the recording from a list of options


20-70 Sec

Highlight incorrect words

The transcript of a recording appears o the screen. While listening to the recording, identify the words in the transcript that differ from what is said

Listening & Reading

15-50 Sec

Write from dictation

After listening to a recording of a sentence, type the sentence

Listening and Writing

5-7 Sec

Our teachers make sure to cover every single aspect of PTE exam pattern. This is what makes the IBT best PTE institute in Jalandhar. 

Tips and Tricks to Clear the PTE Exam 

Know the basics

Read the instructions carefully before attempting any question in all modules.

Learn time management

Time management is the key factor in the PTE exam. One needs to manage the time from beginning till completion of the test. Time and accuracy are two elements which need to be enhanced.

Attain good pronunciation

As speaking is considered as the backbone of PTE, having good pronunciation and fluency will help you to achieve targeted score in the speaking module, which further contributes in other two modules , listening and reading.

Attain fluency

Fluency is your priority in the speaking module. This you can easily be able to learn in the best PTE Coaching in Jalandhar. Avoid taking long pauses while responding to the question. Also, do not re-correct if you have said anything wrong.

Perfectness in fluency

One must have good command of grammar and collocations, which is essential in reading modules.

Do proofreading

Always do proof reading after finishing your writing content in Writing and Listening both to avoid unnecessary grammatical and spelling mistakes.

PTE Preparation Material 

After you rely on IBT English for PTE exam preparation, you will surely get great facilities. These facilities will not only make your entire preparation strong but it will also develop your personality in a constructive way. 

Course Material  

For the betterment of the student IBT English diligently provides quality course material. In our course material, you will surely get 20 descriptive mock tests and a great vocabulary bank. Moreover, the student will also get the special grammar classes for the PTE exam. Our adroit teachers also provide 20 sectional tests for reading, writing, speaking and listening. Here we also provide the students with a personal evaluation facility so that they can easily pass the exam with flying colors. The student will also get one on one feedback from the best teaching force present at IBT Institute. For the betterment of the students, we have designed an IBT English prep software so that students will be able to perform better in the upcoming PTE exam.  

Class Assignment 

Here at IBT English, you will get the daily class assignment facility so that you will be able to attain a good grip on a wide range of topics. Our adroit teaching force usually helps the student clear all their doubts related to a wide range of grammar rules. All those students who are not able to retain things at the time of the exam can join IBT for clearing their problems. If you find it extremely hard to learn the hard topics of the PTE exam. Then in such a case, you can consider relying on IBT English for coming out of this problem. We are sure that we will provide you with great knowledge about how you really have to achieve great scores in the upcoming PTE exam. 

Weekly Class Test 

The mentors present in IBT English usually take weekly tests so that students can learn the topics in the best way.  As the best PTE Coaching Institute in Jalandhar, IBT English strives to provide all possible advantages so that students can achieve enhancement in their careers. Are you burning the midnight oil to clear the upcoming PTE exam? If yes, then without any hassle link up with the IBT English. We are known for helping students clear all their doubts related to a wide range of topics in the PTE exam.

Courses We Offer (Other) 

At IBT English you will surely get the chance to enroll in the best English proficiency courses such as IELTS, Spoken English and CELPIP. 

IELTS IBT English is known for imparting excellent IELTS coaching . This test is designed for students who wish to work/study in a foreign country where english is a native language. Join IBT English today, if you aim to score 7+ bands in the IELTS exam.
Spoken English In today’s global society, English is one of the most preferred spoken languages. Connect with IBT English, if you wish to speak English with great fluency. We have a bunch of adept and experienced teaching faculty that’ll help you at each step while learning the English language.
CELPIP This is a computer delivered single sitting English test that is administered by the paragon testing enterprises. IBT English is a prominent institute that offers top-notch CELPIP coaching classes. We have well-equipped labs where students can practice mock tests to brush up their caliber.


PTE Basic 

Ques 1) What is age eligibility for PTE?

Ans) You must be at least 16 years old. If you are 16 or 17 years old, you must provide a signed parental consent form before taking the test. Above 18, you don't need this.

Ques 2) What is the PTE exam registration fee?

Ans) The PTE exam fee is currently Rs. 14,699.

Ques 3) What type of payment methods are accepted?

Ans) There is no compulsion as such to pay through your own credit card. You can use a card that is registered in a different name.

Ques 4) Can I register directly with the test center?

Ans) PTE has many centers across India, but you have to register for the test online or by phone through PTE Center. Contact the customer service team in your region.

Ques 5) How many times can I take the PTE exam?

Ans) There is no such limit to appear for the PTE Test. One can appear as many times as you want. Join IBT for PTE Coaching in Jalandhar to clear your exam on the first try. 

PTE Academic

Ques 1) How many institutions recognise the PTE Academic study? 

Ans) There is no denying the fact that the PTE examination is recognised globally and 1,700 institutions demand promising results in the PTE examination. All the students who aim to study in foreign countries like Australia, UK, the USA and more can majorly consider appearing for this particular exam. 

Ques 2) Will I get the training according to the international level?

Ans) Yes, IBT’s professional force provides Cambridge-powered content to students so that they become comfortable with the speaking style of a foreign nation. 

Ques 3) Can I correct my answers during the PTE Academic test?

Ans) You can correct multiple-choice responses (click again to deselect your answer) and typed responses (use the cut, copy and paste options) However, you must correct mistakes before moving on to the next item.

Ques 4) Can I re-record any type of spoken responses?

Ans)You cannot re-record any spoken responses. The microphone will switch off automatically if you are silent for more than 3 seconds during an answer. Every PTE institute in Jalandhar will teach you to manage the exam portal.

Ques 5) Will I get quality study material for PTE exam after enrolling in IBT institute?

Ans) Yes, you will surely get best study material that can help you know eveything about PTE exam in the better way.

PTE General

Ques 1) Will I get the tips and tricks to clear the PTE exam?

Ans) After getting admission to the PTE Institute in Jalandhar the student will gradually get 5 tips daily to clear the exam with flying colors. You have to stay focused and devoted to the online classes because this will surely help you grab the best tips to crack the exam with productive results. 

Ques 2) Can I take notes during the test?

Ans) PTE will give you an erasable noteboard booklet (about 5 sheets of A4 paper). If you run out of space, you can ask for another booklet. You are not allowed to make notes until the test has started.

Ques 3) Will I get doubt clearing sessions in the IBT institute?

Ans) Yes, the students will get best PTE doubt clearing sessions where they can get the right answers of all their queries.

Ques 4) What will be the batch size of the IBT's PTE coaching classes?

Ans) There are around 10-20 students in each batch of the PTE cocahing classes. So that our teaching force can give personalized guidance to every student.

Ques 5) Will I get weekly class tests facility in IBT institute?

Ans) Yes, the teaching force of IBT institute usually makes sure to take weekly class tests so that student can easily get the chance to make their prepration more strong.

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