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Tips to improve PTE Reading score

PTE Reading strategies

Reading module in PTE is totally based on the understanding of vocabulary and grammar. Time management is the essential factor in PTE Reading. You should spend only two minutes on each task otherwise, you may miss the questions and loose scores. One must have good fluency in reading, focus, and understanding. As there are variety of questions in PTE Reading, on eneeds to have good command on each and evry section to get 79+ score in Reading. Doing practice of each task on the daily bases will definitely help to overcome the fear of reading and will make you proficient in this module. Questions wise strategies should be implemented, which are discussed as:

Multiple-Choice, Choose Single Answer

  • Understand the main message of the passage and focus on keywords to find the correct answer.
  • Focus on the frequency words (for example - always, sometimes, never many, all, often, never, only) eliminate those options and maybe you will find the correct answer.
  • Since there is no negative marking for this question, answer the question and don’t leave it blank.  
  • Make use of the rule of elimination. Narrow down your options as much as possible.
  • Read the question before you read the text to understand what kind of information to look for.
  • 60% of the answers can be found in the first or last two lines of the passage.
  • Remember the information in the passage as the questions will not be asked in chronological order and you will find the answer anywhere in the passage.
  • Learn to paraphrase, which means conveying the meaning using different words.

Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answers

  • Since this question has negative marking, don’t select options if you are not entirely sure. If you are not sure, leave it.  

Re-order paragraphs

  • First, search for headline including a major idea from the paragraph.
  • The sentence starting with pronouns like he, she, her, they, them, those, etc will never be the first sentence.  
  • Look for contradictory phrases with, however, but, although an additional phrases like also, moreover, furthermore, besides. Find the sentence before it.
  • Fill in the blanks
  • There is no negative marking, so answer all the questions even if you are not sure.
  • Concentrate on the parts of speech before and after the blank, it will help in finding the missing word.
  • Most of the time, missing word will have a synonym in the text provide
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