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Tips to improve PTE Speaking score

As Speaking is considered as the backbone of PTE, so to achieve the target of 79+ , one needs to keep some factors in mind while attempting the test. Fluency and Pronunciation are the most important factors one needs to have command on. If you are speaking fluently and the pronunciation of the words and sentences is clear enough, only then you could get your desired score. As, this test is totally computerized and  there is no human involvement, it has become quite easy for the pupils to focus on fluency and pronunciation rather than content.

The most important technique in speaking is that, learner doesn't required to focus more on content, because while focusing on the content, fluency and pronunciation both get affected.

Another strategy which is required is copy their tone and pitch in both repeat sentence and retell lecture part.

One can use the templates in describe image and re-tell lecture to enhance the level of speaking, but one thing should be kept in mind that you should not depend totally on the templates.

Concentration on the keywords is essential. You must jot them down on the erasable notepad provided to you. In other words, lay as much emphasis as you can on the keywords, phrases, sentences, or little chunks of words that sound important to you or hold all the gist of the lecture.

Build your content, that means write the answer in your own words using the keywords given in the question. If you will include  more key points mentioned in the lecture, you will get perfect score.

There is no short route of getting the best score in PTE Exam without having practiced the language. Yet, we believe there is a way you can learn and practice! and that is under guidance of  Certified  PTE faculty at IBT INSTITUTE who have guided many students towards PTE success

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