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After receiving the result of IELTS Exam, if you felt disappointed with the scores you have got and you feel that you deserve better scores than this, then DEMANDING FOR THE REVALUATION is the way to rescue yourself from this trauma.
You can ask for the revaluation of either of any single module or the complete test and of course there is a fee to do so which is approximately more than half of the normal TEST FEE.

NOTE: Should only ask for the REVOLUTION if you are pretty much sure about your performance in the test. Otherwise, taking the IELTS test again would be a wiser choice.
Generally, if after revaluation the student gets the higher scores then the revaluation fee is refunded to the student.


Conditions for revaluation :

  • The students have to submit the original TRF that one has received previously.
  • The verdict of this revaluation is final and no appeal would be taken after this.
  • During the revaluation time period, a student cannot apply for student visa basis on this IELTS result.
  • For those whose scores does not change then in that situation the same TRF will be returned back to the student.
  • Within six weeks of the test date, a student can apply for revaluation by filling the Enquiry on Results form.
  • The result of revaluation is generally released within 6 weeks on Maximum side.