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IELTS Preparation Tips

IELTS preparation begins with the command over the English language and there must be prepared mind set to demonstrate English skills in an optimal way.

Few basic steps one must adhere before the abstract preparation of the test.

Understanding the test format:

IELTS test comprises of 4 Modules that is Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. One must check out the number of questions, time allotment, strategies to solve each type of question, the difference between the two tasks of writing module and varied parts of speaking module.

Test Evaluation

How the test is evaluated or assessed

In the IELTS test, it becomes mandatory to Justify the demand of the question and to satisfy the viewpoints of examiner. Thus, It is highly significant to know about the parameters of checking according to which assessment is going to take place.

IELTS Test Papers

Practice with beginner level test papers: For the initiation of the preparation for IELTS – online and offline practice would greatly help. Many books are available in the market comprising of all the four modules and even one can study from the authorized websites of BCD and IDP providing a wide range of practice material for the learners.

Preparation Course

Consider a preparation Course: For the test preparation, One can go for online course preparation classes if one remains packed by the schedule or otherwise offline classes at some reputed IELTS institute would be of great help.

Finding the best Institute

Find an institute to assist with the preparation of Test: Firstly, while selecting an institute for test preparation following things should be kept in mind. 

  • Trainer must be qualified and have good content knowledge
  • Trainer must be trained from BCD and IDP.
  • Teaching Methodologies should be up to date.
  • Conduction of lectures through smart classes.
  • Authorized material according to the patterns followed by BCD and IDP.
  • And Many more aspects are to be cared of.
  • Self preparation and Time Management for Self-Study

Only bookish knowledge and grasp over the strategies are not much worth until the skills are not practiced thoroughly. A lot of practice is demanded and self study is the biggest key to success. IBT IELTS Institute is students first choice for IELTS EXAM PREPARATION from decades. IBT has the best material, teachers and cool environment to learn.

Preparing for the IELTS test module-Wise :

  1. Understand the pattern thoroughly.
  2. Read a lot of content in English language. Practice the strong interpretation by reading newspapers, course books, novels, magazines or anything of your interest that does not fetch boredom for you.
  3. Start reading the passage using SKIM & SCAN technique as it would help to get a brief idea about the passage.
  4. Make sure you know the demand of the question by going through the instructions carefully.
  5. Must possess package of strategies to solve each and every type of question.
  6. In the very beginning, Learn to locate the clue words, keywords, highlighting features, twisting features or points wisely.
  7. Remember that every time no exactly the same word is going to exist in the passage in lieu of it synonyms, words with similar meaning or words reflecting some sense would be present in the passage.
  8. Must possess a wide range of vocabulary.
  9. Should transfer the answers simultaneously on the answer sheet.
  10. At last, practice a lot to enhance reading skills.


  1. Understand the pattern carefully.
  2. Read the instructions and mark the highlighting words from the content to get the accurate answers.
  3. Listen to the foreign accent a lot owing to have a good grasp over the content they are speaking.
  4. In the beginning, try out listening module by playing, pausing and replaying the audio to get a dear conversation according.
  5. For Improving the scores, try to create an English atmosphere around you by listening to English news, English Songs, documentary, watch English movies etcetera. So that every time English will be entering your ears.
  6. After checking the answers, again cross check your answer by listening to the conversation again and check out how you missed the answer or how you misinterpreted the content.
  7. Practice a lot of the listening test.
  8. Always remain listening  is the most scoring module in IELTS where students every hit 9 Bands as all the answers are hidden in the conversation and just needed to be traced out.



  1. Understand the pattern carefully.
  2. Must go through the Do's and Don’ts of Writing Task-1 specified by BCD and IDP.
  3. Analyze the task thoroughly for creating effective comparisons and contrasts as per the requirement of the task.
  4. Understand and learn the correct methodologies of attempting varied types of WTI Ranging from Bar Chart, Line Graph, Table Chart, Flow chart, Map, Pictorial Data etcetera.
  5. Must use appropriate tense according to the norms.
  6. Must go through sample solutions for learning the ways to attempt WTI for creating effective contrasts.
  7. Always be careful about the word range as it must remain in the brackets of 150 to 170.
  8. Paragraph structure should also be followed accordingly
  9. Learn to expand the data with less given content and also, develop the art of compacting the data into the word range if the data is given in bulk.
  10. Do a lot of practice to refine the writing style.
  11. Have a good word house of vocabulary words because repeated words leads to band deduction.
  12. Good hand on vocabulary is a big helping tool in Writing.


  1. Learn the pattern carefully.
  2. Understand to distinguish between the types of letters
  3. Analyze Do’s and Don’ts of the task to achieve better scores.
  4. Must adhere to the norms of attempting the task.
  5. Varied styles of writing salutation or signature live along with an impressive storyline is demanded highly.
  6. Don’t repeat the ideas and vocabulary words. Always represent a wide range of vocabulary to score better.
  7. Understand the parameters of assessment as satisfying the examiner through all the four parameters is mandatory.
  8. Must go through some sample solutions of the task to learn about diners language being used.
  9. Should attempt the task within the specified word range that is between 150 to 170 words.
  10. Count of the paragraphs should be appropriate.
  11. Practice a lot to trace out more mistakes and to correct it accurately before exam.

Writing Task-2

  1. Understand the types of questions.
  2. Interpret the question carefully and start with brainstorming process.
  3. Start collecting the associated points with the topic.
  4. Understand the pattern of paragraph structure for every type of question.
  5. Must go through the Do's and Don’ts of the task.
  6. Frame the sentences as complex and compound sentences.
  7. Should prioritize the points starting from the strong to the less strong point.
  8. Use Synonyms and add rich vocabulary.
  9. Must go through the sample answers for learning the writing style appropriately.
  10. Must keep the word range in mind as it should be within 250 to 270 words.
  11. Learn to state your opinion accurately as per the demand of the question.
  12. Introduction and conclusion of the topic must be equally impressive.
  13. Practice a lot with style of writing before your exam.
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