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A wide range of IELTS preparatory books are available in the market which generally covers all the four modules of IELTS, such as reading, listening, writing and speaking. Some books are also focused on a specific module.

Before preparation makes sure that the books are written by foreign authors otherwise, the locally published books generally fails to meet the standard of British Council and IDP.

Cambridge and IDP offers a wide range of books in series comprising of four model test paper covering all the four modules.
Some separate Academic and General Training books are also available at the bookshops to practice accordingly.

Few important books must practice before exams are listed below :


Cambridge IELTS Academic series, offers authentic test papers directly from the test-takers that is Cambridge Assessment English. It is exactly according to the pattern of BC and IDP. It covers all the four modules covering almost all the types of questions. Moreover, questions from these test papers gives you exposure of various levels of difficulty. Each book contains 4 sets of paper with answers.
Besides, test evaluation from real test takers is also explained through provided sample answers.

2. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS:

This books mainly covers the sample test papers for both the test types that is ACADEMIC and GENERAL TRAINING. This book provides guidelines for the beginners to IELTS. It also describes strategies in a friendly manner to bring the learners on an easy platform. It generally constitute 8 official practice tests. Along with it audio and video files are also clubbed with the book, audios for attempting listening test papers and video files of original speaking test to give you exposure of the rest of the test.

3. Barron’s IELTS Superpack:

This Superpack by Barron’s  ensures the learners to offer full practice material covering the instructions to perform well in all the modules through tips, tricks and strategies. This pack contains MP3 and CDS for listening and speaking practice. It also provides content of short conversations owing to make the learners habitual of the foreign British and Australian accents.

4. Series of 101, 202, 404 for ACA and GT:

The series of these books provides level-wise learning for the IELTS test takers. It covers all the four modules along with the strategies and a good number of model test papers to different levels.

5. Road to IELTS:

Road to IELTS Provides an interactive online course, once you have booked your exam under British Council. In this tutorial various levels of mock tests are conducted with interactive exercise and detailed description of strategies or guidelines to attempt various types of questions. This Road to IELTS is segregated at three varied levels. Initially, test drive which is a free download about the exposure to what actually IELTS is secondly provided, you have registered your exam with British Council. Finally the full version which includes everything you need to touch the pinnacle of your desires
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