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Where can I take IELTS?

There are over 1600 IELTS test locations in 140 countries. You can take your IELTS test near you on all the possible dates.

How much does it cost?

Both IELTS academic and general training have the same fee structure. That is RS.14,000/- only.

How do I book/register for my test?

To book the IELTS test you can visit the official site of both BCD and IDP and book the test online through credit card.

What if I need to postpone or cancel my application?

For this Candidate needs to inform five weeks before their test date, they will receive their refund but the administration fee will be deducted from their refund.

What if I am absent or sick on the day of the test?

If you are not present on test day without any notice then you will not be able to have any refund as you will lose all your test fees. However, if you are unable to give the test because of health issues then you have to submit a medical certificate within 5 days of the test day. Then you can receive your refund.


What are the test rules?

All test rules and guidelines are given on the notice to candidates in the IELTS application. You can also read the information for candidates booklet carefully so that you can get familiar with the test format.

Do I take all parts of the test on the same day?

In paper-based IELTS test listening, reading and writing modules are done on the same day while speaking is conducted after or before these modules test day. But in computer-based IELTS test speaking module is also conducted on the same day with listening, reading and writing module.

What if I am delayed by circumstances beyond my control (e.g. a transport strike)?

In this case, the test center will allocate you the next available test date.

What can I take into the examination room?

You need to bring a valid passport with you on the test day. If you are giving a paper-based test then you only need to bring a pencil, pen, and eraser. Whereas, in the computer-based test you don,t need to bring anything they will provide you with a pencil and eraser.

Which part do I take first?

Well, there is nothing like this, listening, reading and writing module test is held on the same day. While the speaking module is held before or after the test date in the paper-based. While in computer-based the speaking is held on the same date of LRW.

What is the speaking test?

Speaking test is the part of the IELTS test which checks the language understanding through discussion. This test is recorded and it is divided into 3 parts.

What do I need for the Speaking test?

You need to bring your valid id proof (passport) with a colored photocopy of it. Your id will be checked before the test on the registration day.

What kinds of accents can be heard in the Listening and Speaking tests?

There’s nothing like this, as there are many accents of international language so it depends upon the examiner.

Do I have to write in pencil? (Paper-based IELTS only)

Well, yes in IELTS pencil is more recommended than the pen because it makes it easier to check the answer sheet for the examiner and there will be clarity also.

Can I make notes on the Listening and Reading question papers? (Paper-based IELTS only)

yes, you can make notes on the question paper as there are no such restrictions.

Can I make notes if I take the computer-delivered IELTS?

Yes, in computer-based also you can make notes as they will provide you paper and pencil for that.

Can I write in capital letters?

Yes, you can use capital letters for the answers in all modules.

How can I improve my Writing score?

To improve your writing skill you make sure to complete all task requirements. If a person responds to all the parts of the task then he/she can score more then 6 bands but if not then the examiner will give him less then 6 bands. Other than this vocabulary, grammar, and sentence is also important and linking ideas as well. These few things will help you to improve your writing score.


How are the tests marked?

In IELTS a total 9 bands are there out of which scores are given to every module. Every module has an individual band from which the overall band is calculated and given to the candidates.

Is it normal to be stronger in some communication skills than others?

Well, this depends upon people some are stronger in communication skills such as listening and speaking, while some are stronger in the other modules.

Who sets the 'pass mark' for the IELTS test?

In IELTS there is no pass mark, every module is scored from the 9 bands system.

Why is my score higher the second time I have sat the test, although I haven't done anything differently?

This happens because you become more familiar with the IELTS format so without any more preparation you can easily score more the second time. As you know how to find the reading answers or how to do the writing tasks.

When will I receive my test results?

In the paper-based IELTS test, you will receive your result after the 13 days of the test date. Whereas, in the computer-based IELTS test you will receive your result within the 5-7 days period after the test date.

How many Test Report Forms (TRFs) am I entitled to?

You will receive only one original TRF from which you can use five copies of it. If you lost your TRF, in this case, you can contract the test center. They will issue you TRF but an administrative fee will be charged for it.

How soon can I re-sit the test?

There are no restrictions in the IELTS test-taking, you can take as many retakes of IELTS test as much you want but it will be good if you give your test fully prepared.

What if I am not happy with my result?

In this case you can request for revaluation within the time period of six weeks and if your bands increased then all the fees will be refunded to you

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