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Parneet Kaur
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Parneet Kaur

I am working as a Spoken English and USA interview preparation Trainer at IBT Institute. I earned my MA in English from a reputable university. I teach basic English to spoken students, prepare students for USA study visa interviews , and give grammar lessons to IELTS students. My interests include reading books and sketching. I get a lot of energy and happiness from assisting students in improving their English language skills.

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Top 10 English Speaking Courses in Jalandhar with Fee, Contacts & Info The English language is accepted worldwide. Whether you are planning to move abroad or work in a top-tier company, your fluency in English is highly required. That is why there is haste in improving English language skills all around. If you are also looking forward to becoming proficient in English and are looking for an apt platform, here are the best English-speaking courses in Jalandhar you can choose to attain pos
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Top 10 English Speaking Classes in Ludhiana with Fee, Contacts & Info Are you planning to move abroad? Or, do you aspire to work in a multinational company? If both cases, you need to have a good command of English. So, if you are from a non-English background, how will you improve your English language skills? Simply, by joining the best English-speaking course in Ludhiana. Well, choosing the right platform to attain the best training isn’t child’s play. Therefore, you need t
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Top 10 Institutes for English Speaking Course in Chandigarh with Fee, Contacts & Info English is a widely recognized language which is why a plethora of people are eager to learn this language. To learn this language, joining an English speaking course is the best option as you will receive coaching and training from professionals. However, not every institute has experienced trainers. Therefore, you need to choose a coaching platform wisely so that you do not need to regret your
English Speaking course in Amritsar
Top 10 English Speaking Classes in Amritsar with Fee, Contacts & Info In this modern world, those who have proficiency in English enjoy great respect in society. In addition, they get numerous opportunities in their life which help them make a prolific career. However, those who don’t belong to an English-speaking background, need special training from experts to attain proficiency in the language. So, if you want to join an institute that caters to the English speaking course in Am